Getting Started

Getting Started

These tutorials will get you started designing and sending wonderful emails. You will never do it any other way…


In order to use the Email stacks, you will need to have Mac computer. You will also need the RapidWeaver app from Realmac Software and the Stacks add-on by YourHead. We have worked with both developers to bring new users an exclusive bundle deal. This allows you to purchase everything that you need to get started building email today.

Building your Email

Our drag and drop Email builder will allow you to build new emails that you never could before. Its editor allows you to immediately see what your email will look like. This allows you to build more attractive emails in a fraction of the time. The below tutorials will get you started building your first email. Even if you are new to RapidWeaver or coming over from hand coding with Inky, we have got you covered.

Email Tips

Learn 5 ways to grow your email lists and improve conversions.

Sending your Email

Once you are happy with the email that you designed, you will want to send that email out to your list. Below are a list of tutorials for some of the more popular email service providers. Make sure that you have a look at our YouTube Channel for more tutorials.

by Joe Workman

I'm an indie Web and Mac developer based in the SF Bay Area. I've been highly active in the web community since my first release in 2008.

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